On What You Get

There's an idea circling around that we perhaps do not offer what we say we offer. That perhaps we telling untruths. I am here today to talk about the falseness of that idea. 

I realize that it may be an uncomfortable topic, but we have to look our detractors in the eyes and face them. Let's take each criticism point by point:

  • They do not offer what they say they offer: Of course, this is impossible to say. When we die, we die. There is nothing afterwards. Sure, you can turn to your gods and the idea of heaven as a way to curb your anxiety, but we all know this world is the one we get. That's why you need to plan your future and give yourself the opportunity to live forever.
  • They're exploiting you: Exploitation is a harsh word, but let's be clear here: we will use your body to power the future for millions tomorrow. That's part of our contract. In order to run our machines, we need people to work, and that's the trade off. Nothing in life is free. When you come to the Best Ending, we take your physical body while you pass your mind onto the next world. This is our agreement. It's not exploitation when both parties are happily in agreement. 
  • Consciousness can't be transferred: Why do people insist on this idea that consciousness is some god-given reward for being born? It is, like anything, a construct of human ideas. Consciousness is based on your experiences and because of that, we can easily move it from one place to another. If your consciousness IS some god-given reward, then it makes even more sense that it does not need to be tied to your physical body. 
  • Living forever is boring: Seriously? That's your argument? Only boring people would get bored living forever. In our simulated worlds, we'll have people implementing ideas for utopia living on a massive scale, custom tailored to each group's desires. This can change over time. You, right now, are building the worlds for yourself and countless others. In the future, those who follow will do the same. You will always be the same, but the world will always be changing. How can that be boring?

There is plenty more of this nonsense, but I don't find it worth acknowledging all of it. What's important to remember is they want to bring you down because they can't find the strength to make these choices themselves. If you believe in correcting the mistakes of your past to create a perfect you, then you're in the right place. If you believe in building your own future, then you're in the right place. Don't let others pull you away from your dreams.

Hello world!

Today's a big day. Today, we're officially launching the The Best Ending Blog. Here, we'll talk in-depth about our teachings and methods, we'll process news and explain it when necessary, and we'll work as hard as we can to bridge the gap between those of use who believe, and those of us who are still skeptics. All our welcome here! My name's Reno, and I'll be your guide, your interviewer, and your project manager that keeps you on target along the path.

It is, I think, important to talk about our choices as they come up. Like debugging code, when we break down an individual life, it is easiest when everything is done correctly to begin with. That is why we still put so much value on life today, even though the actions you take right now don't have to affect the future. We're excited to get started here, but for now, feel free to leave any comments or questions you have below. I'll try to tackle what I can in this blog! I look forward to meeting all of you!