Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called The Best Ending?  We all want to reach the best ending in our lives, right? We believe that what we do now has little impact on what happens later, and every decision you make can be changed. The ending is simply a beginning and that beginning is based on facts we can change. We are here to help everyone play the right cards, so when their time comes at the end, they'll be ready.

Who is the leader? There is no direct leader, though Athanasius Menshe is the most prominent speaker.

 Is The Best Ending a religion? Not in the traditional sense. We believe hindsight is true power. We want to know: what would happen if you always made the right choice?

How often do I need to practice? As often as you like. You'll want to be productive. You'll want to get things done, work hard, and be proud. You'll want to be happy with where you're at when it ends. The better choices you make now, the easier it is retrace the threads of your life and unravel the bad decisions. 

Is there a physical place I can go to learn more about The Best Ending? No, The Best Ending is digital only, because we believe the ending is just the beginning of our real digital lives.

Do I have to read the books? You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but it is recommended for those looking to learn more about how The Best Ending works.

Is The Best Ending a cult? No. Members are never coerced into any activities. You can do as you please, come as you go, and believe what you want. We merely want to share as much about what we've learned  about the world with you as we can.

Will The Best Ending solve all my problems? No. Human beings are still complicated machines, and you will be tested in order to grow for the entirety of you life. We will simply help you edit your life in a way that leads to true happiness.

Why would I want to invest my time in The Best Ending? You want to make not only life better, but improve the lives of those around you, right? When you fully commit to The Best Ending, you deconstruct life as you know it, you learn from your mistakes and failures, and you rebuild your life into what it's supposed to be. 

What happens after we die?  Counterpoint: you do not have to die. 

What if someone hacks the Best Ending? We use a variety of security protocols to keep this from happening. We also have a multitude of backups, both on world and off, to guarantee that your future is guaranteed against any type of catastrophe. These backups are synchronized and triggered every eight and half minutes, and we are continually upgrading that to improve speeds.