About The Best Ending


Hello! Thank you for your interest in The Best Ending. We understand that it might be a bit overwhelming here, so let's slow it down and take a quick look at what The Best Ending is, what it means, what we believe, and what our goals are. 

At the Best Ending, we believe the body is a pointless, archaic device. We believe that while the choices you make are important to crafting who you've become, they not important for what's next. We believe in editing our personal histories so we can become the people who we truly see in the mirror. 

When you become a member of our group, the first thing you'll do is complete a survey that digs into every important decision you've ever made in your life. This can take months and sometimes even years to fill out. While you do so, our program begins learning your habits, choices, and personality. When you're finished with this, you will go through each of those decisions, and you can optionally change them to better define the person you are. Embarrassed about something  in your past? You can fix that moment in time. Wish you'd reacted differently when something happened? You can change that too. 

Next, you will see with our digital therapists and complete your life story, dumping every experience you have into database. This begins the digital construction process. Eventually, your entire consciousness will exist inside our computers, where you can live out your life forever, as you see fit. 

As for the rest of your time here on earth, you will work to better the lives of those inside our digital worlds. If you are versed in coding, you will help build those worlds quite literally. If you are an artist, you will build art, if you're a writer, you will write scripts, and so on. The skills you have today will build these worlds and improve the lands we've created for the rest of time.