It is time to find your true path.


With the power of Retrospect you can become more.

Welcome to The Best Ending. It's time to stop pretending change will simply come and invoke change in yourself. 

Here at the Best Ending, we believe that death isn't the end. In fact, we'd argue that death is meaningless. Your body, the vessel in which you're currently reading this, is just as meaningless. You can be so much more if you're willing to spend the time recreating your true self--that is, the self you want to be--inside our digital landscape. 

Let us ask you this: are you happy with where you're at in life? Do you believe you've become the best person you can possibly become? I imagine not. We've all made mistakes, we all have regrets. Those regrets might ruin you if you're not careful. With those regrets, you may prevent yourself from becoming the best person you can become because they hold you back. So, we ask, what if you could live a life without regret? What would that mean for you? 

We can promise you this world, and in exchange for a new lease on a life worth living, you can help bring others to this this path. Join us, won't you? Here, in the Best Ending.